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Pros and Cons of a School Sweets Fundraiser

It is of great value to learn the benefits and disadvantages of each fundraising option available to you before picking the right one for your school. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of candy bar fundraiser to help you go through potential problems and host an effective fundraiser.
We start by looking at the advantages, seeing that there has been a lot of positive effects of this options to organizers who go for this option. Candy bar fundraisers are considerably good for teams, schools or organizations with their popularity spreading mostly in elementary schools and high schools that benefit by gaining fast profits as seen in the following benefits.
To start with, Candy Bar Fundraisers provide the planners good revenues where smaller groups benefit the most. This Candy bar fundraiser can give back a profit as high as 50%, which is not common for normal businesses.
Secondly, making sales is easy in this option because buyers are easy to find since the candy bars are cheap. A dollar or two is all that a person need to have to buy, a price that brings about more buyers.
Moreover, students love this alternative considering that they would rather sell candies but not catalog items. This energy is, in some cases, amplified by bringing in the students and allowing them to buy candies that they prefer.
Lastly, this fundraiser is favorable to small groups too, seeing that they do not need a large order to break even. Despite the size, any size of an organization is able to support such a fundraising event with a view that one of two cases of this candy bars only go for a few hundred dollars.
Having gone through the positive effects of candy bar fundraisers, we will now discuss their drawbacks. Like everything that has advantages, candy bar fundraisers also have disadvantages, which have been expounded on below.
To start with, this activity requires investment because selling can only come about if buying happened first. Failure by a school to sell the purchased candy, would result to a high inventory level and diminished profits.
The second and the last con is that the candy bars can be damaged or lost especially during warm summers when it is hard to prevent the candy from melting. To protect the candy from the potential problems, the organizer need to keep on checking and verifying the stock, figure out a way of protect the candy from the hot summer sun and to regularly collect the money earned by students to minimize the chances of them losing it.

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